The online store is closed

Our online store will be closed for the remainder of the school year.

Check back in July as we ramp up for 2023-24 merchandise sales.

Please feel free to contact Bianca Maples at bdonley24@hotmail.com if you are in need of merchandise or desire to use your JPA voucher.

POP UP Merchandise Dates

Merchandise will also be available for purchase at “pop up events” throughout the school year to include all Varsity football games (Heroes and Comalander), cub and prep days, Meet The Jags, any in person Fall, Winter and Spring sports meetings as well as other events throughout the year. Dates will be added when confirmed.

Please check back for future POP UP sales.

Still need to get your playoff shirt?

Please contact Bianca Maples (Bdonley24@hotmail.com or 210.326.1303) to schedule a pick up time.


For more information, contact Bianca Maples at bdonley24@hotmail.com or Erika Scott at m_ehannon@hotmail.com.